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smothered adj
1 held in check with difficulty; "a smothered cough"; "a stifled yawn"; "a strangled scream"; "suppressed laughter" [syn: stifled, strangled, suppressed]
2 completely covered; "bonnets smothered with flowers"; "smothered chicken is chicken cooked in a seasoned gravy"

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  1. past of smother

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For the condition of being smothered, see Asphyxia.

Plot summary

In this episode, Detectives Goren and Eames are investigating the murder of a pregnant woman who was struggling to stay clean from drugs.
At first sight, Goren and Eames first suspect the victim's unstable junkie boyfriend, whose unfortunate life is dominated by his wealthy socialite mother and his stepfather. After detectives discover the man would financially benefit from getting rid of his girlfriend, they are not convinced it's that easy.
Then, the detectives chase down blind alleys, unaware that their quarry is a cold-blooded mastermind. Goren soon finds a web of family secrets that lead him back to the suspect's mother as well as her husband.



[Goren finds something while examining the body of the died woman] Eames: What is that? Goren: Fish scale. [Sarcastically] Eames: Great, she was attacked by a shark. Goren: Sharks don't have scales. [Goren and Eames are keeping surveillance near a sewer access] Goren: You ever wonder what it’s like living down there? Eames: For what one bedrooms are going for, I’ve considered it. [In reference to money given to a horse charity] Eames: Let me guess. They find homes for retired polo ponies. [A shop assistant watches, getting noticeably nervous, as Goren questions the manager] Manager: Getting any closer to catching the murder? Goren: Getting closer by the minute. [Shopping assistant is talking on the phone to her boyfriend, about the 'job' she's on]'' Woman: They’re creepy like a couple of ex-cons in brand new suits. One of them got a tag from the designer warehouse still stuck on his sleeve. I don't have a good feeling about this. Boyfriend: I didn't do anything! Goren: Sure you did. You're under arrest for littering. Deakins: Those wacky Belgians. Goren: Returned due to insufficient postage. Someone must have missed the last rate hike. Deakins: What’s so depressing about being a crack whore? Goren: My mother didn’t like any of my girlfriends either, even if she pretended to. But she didn’t kill any of them! Carver: So you see Mr. Jamison, the only fingers in the pie are yours. Goren: You’re under arrest for littering. Eames: Housekeeping! Ready or not! Goren: You’re under arrest for the murder of Lois Romney. Roger Jamison: You serious? Eames: You don’t see us wearing clown shoes, do you?

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